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Maybe Another Book is Not the Answer

Posted on Jun 10, 2022 by in Structure, Success, Structure, Success, Work, Improvement, Circumstances

Help Needed! Having some tough times lately, promotions not selling…almost broke…
What is the best book/​audiobook you know on handling our own emotions/​fear of not being good enough/​fear of screwing up?

I don't know that the best thing to handle your emotions is to hole up with another book. If you've read any book on the subject, the answer is usually something like a few simple disciplines, repeated over time will give you unparalleled success in your particular pond.

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Is he using "being financially stable" as an Excuse?

Posted on Jun 26, 2020 by in Structure, Relationships, Structure
Is he using "being financially stable" as an Excuse?

What should I do when I'm not over my ex 4 months later? He's my coworker and I see him every day. I still have that hope that we might get back together. He broke up with me saying he wants to be financially stable first and it's just a timing thing.

He gave you a stupid excuse to break up and you let him get away with it.

You invite him out to a coffee, at a dollar coffee place (you don’t want to show yourself a spendthrift), or even the coffee room in your office, and you have a conversation with him.

You ask him straight out if he were financially stable, would he marry you today?

If the answer is no, you get it complete, this exercise, and move on as friends.

If his answer is an emphatic yes, then tell him his excuse is unacceptable. Couples do better financially, but you are all with the being filthy rich thing, and then you make a plan to get married, align your financial goals, study wealth, and get “financially stable,” to which you will have put specific measures.

A great place to start on a strong marriage is Marriage Archives | The Art of Manliness. He’s also got some on how to talk money with your spouse.

You’ll also want to spend time with Jim Rohn’s Best Year Ever speech. You can find it on YouTube. It’s four hours long and worth every minute. Take good notes, and expect to come back to it often.

Rohn’s main point is if you want to be wealthy, study wealth. But the same goes for great relationships.

But also, be clear that you are up to this. Maybe review some of these resources first, and look if you are ready to bring the discipline and mindset they require to your life.

And then ask yourself honestly, is he? Is he wishing for things to get better, as they often do, but sometimes don’t, or does he have a plan? He already occurs to me as a bit of a flake. If he isn’t willing to grow up and be the kind of person who creates “financial stability,” which he claims is important to him, will he grow up to be the kind of person who creates a great relationship over the long haul?

Notes on Rohn's Best Year Ever

Posted on Apr 5, 2020 by in Structure, Success, Structure, Success, Improvement, Circumstances
Notes on Rohn's Best Year Ever

These are my notes from Jim Rohn's best year ever. I figured I'd share for two reasons: (1) it's good to review for myself, and (2) maybe it'll inspire you to move your life in the right direction at this difficult time.


  • Time is more valuable than money
  • Things don't just happen; things happen just
  • Best place to start is sincerity: Sincerity is not a test of truth.
  • Ideas + Inspiration
  • Ideas Can be Life Changing: Sometimes you just need one more idea to unlock it all.
  • Some do and Some don't; that's pretty much the philosophy.
  • Take the simple approach: Leave the why as a mystery.
  • Believers believe. Mocker's mock. The perplexed perplex: Don't fight it.
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    Creating Your Life in 2018

    Posted on Dec 28, 2017 by in Structure, Success, Success, Structure, Success, Welcome
    Creating Your Life in 2018

    Dear Friends:

    Originally posted to help you create 2018, this formula, and the sequence that follows, can be tried on any time. Sign on for a handful of exercise to take a look at where you are and determine where you want to go. Get those two figured out and you—with our help, if you want—can create a plan to get there.

    We expect that some of you don't need any more than this reminder to set your year up. If you are one of those, we acknowledge you and invite you to get on with it.

    For some of us though, we know a little nudge now will set us on a course to a much different place by the end of the year.

    If you are one of these, in a few moments we'll invite you to get on our list so we can provide that nudge.

    For some it's much worse. You're surprised you are even here at all. And maybe you're a bit like I was: Maybe you've made New Year's Resolutions. You've stopped doing that. You are so sure you'll fail, you don't want to make any promises at all. It's just too painful.

    And if you are one of these, I'm glad you are here at all. It suggests you've still got at least a glimmer of hope. It suggests that at some level you know you can beat your demons. You, make that we, know that there's a bigger life available for us, and we're ready to support each other in creating it.

    So for those who want a little nudge, and those who haven't given up, for those willing to take on that something else is possible, we invite you to sign on to our list. We'll be sending you a series of prompts for thought and action as we start 2018.

    And here's our first: What did you do that you are proud of in 2017? Be generous with yourself. It could be that you made your first million, or your first dollar, that you married, or just went on a date, or just that you are still here to start 2018. There is no accomplishment too small if it means something to you. Please feel free to share in the comments below.

    And in the meantime, sign on to:

    Let's Create 2018

    What should I do and avoid to do to improve myself by 1% every single day?

    Posted on Jun 7, 2017 by in Advice, Adding Value, Structure, Success, Improvement
    What should I do and avoid to do to improve myself by 1% every single day?

    What should I do and avoid to do to improve myself by 1% every single day?

    1. Sleep enough
    2. Eat Well
    3. Exercise
    4. Touch one person’s life
    5. Practice whatever it is you want to get better at. Get a coach to make sure you are doing the kind of practice that will lead to the quickest results. See Jim Kwik, Tim Ferriss, Eric Barker (there are many others) to help you get the results you want fastest.
    6. Practice Gratitude

    Make sure the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual are all addressed each day. For some this is walk in the park, literally. For others it’s some kind of meditation, mindfulness practice, or keeping a journal. For some it’s writing down ten ideas a day (I highly recommend this). Pick your flavor and stick with it.

    And get a coach. I have limited slots available at the moment. Let's talk. Use coupon code LIMITED50. This will only be available for the first five takers or until my schedule is fully booked again.

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